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Power Correction Systems


A Motorized pieces of equipment are historically inefficient users of electricity. Unnecessarily high electrical bills and maintenance costs result from the conversion of the reactive current. The EasiLiner provides the benefits of reactive power correction, while virtually eliminating the risks associated with traditional correction methods. Increased motor functionality means lower energy costs as a result of reduced current draw.


The MultiLiner is EASI's product solution for gaining cost effective savings on groups of loads unpredictably used, or that switch on and off in irregular patterns. This energy cost saving solution requires no user adjustment and lowers energy costs by extending the life of motors and equipment, improving facility voltage and increasing electrical capacity.


EASI's PowerLiner meets the growing need to reduce energy costs associated with nonlinear electrical equipment. By canceling a portion of the harmonic current normally drawn by such loads, the PowerLiner reduces kilowatt-hour consumption and can alleviate many of the problems associated with harmful harmonics within a facility.


EASI's MicroLiner is a breakthrough product designed with smaller motorized equipment in mind. Now smaller, single-phase loads can be treated cost effectively resulting in maximum energy cost savings and waste reduction throughout a facility.

Lighting Solutions


The IllumiLiner units are entirely solid-state with microprocessors that continually monitor and modify the AC sine wave. The IllumiLiner controls entire circuits of lighting from the lighting panel, providing circuit-by-circuit flexibility and generally a high rate of return on investment. The ventilated cabinet is made of sturdy, heavy gauge metal with a mar-resistant, epoxy finish to withstand industrial environments. The IllumiLiner improves the lighting's performance and provides for controllable distribution of illumination.


EASI's Lighting Voltage Regulator (LVR) reduces the energy used in industrial lighting systems allowing them to run cooler and longer with small reduction of lighting levels. It provides you with a energy cost saving between 15 and 30 percent. Compatible with most modern magnetic ballasts found in fluorescent, high intensity, and all types of incandescent lighting fixtures, the LVR can control many types of lighting products without changing internal jumpers or switch settings.


EASI's Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) line of industrial grade surge suppressors are a prudent line of defense against voltage spikes such as those produced during electrical storms and the unobserved momentary surges inherent in all electrical distribution systems. It provides you with security as it instantaneously responds to voltage spikes, before they reach your equipment. In the process, EASI's TVSS technology reduces down time, maintenance and replacement costs.

Refrigeration Solutions


EASI uses Frigi-Tech as a trusted component of its electrical energy conservation systems. Designed, by Frigi-Tech International, Inc., for use in refrigeration, air conditioning, and any hermetically sealed lubrication systems, Frigi-Tech gives new life to bearings, seals and compressor parts. You'll lower energy costs by up to 15 percent.

EASI Optimizer

The EASI Optimizer intelligent controller is a "smart" microcomputer based energy saving device that can be easily installed on Commercial/Industrial central air conditioning systems and refrigeration units. In laboratory tests conducted by independent testing laboratories and in real world installations, the intelligent controller has delivered energy consumption savings of 10% to 30% or more without affecting the temperature levels. The intelligent controller reduces energy consumption by analyzing the demands and characteristics of the entire heating, air-conditioning, or refrigeration system, and dynamically modifies the compressor cycle pattern. These new patterns result in less frequent and more efficient cycles (similar to highway driving vs. stop-and-go driving). Unlike some other products, the intelligent controller is truly a "smart" product that does not require any programming, and automatically compensates for load and seasonal changes, thus always providing optimal savings

Dynamic, Real Time Reactive Power Compensating Units with Harmonic Filters

The Dynamic real time reactive power compensating unit is a fast response system that is used to compensate any variation in reactive power within one quarter of a cycle of the network. This system provides real-time power quality enhancement: Energy savings, reactive current correction, voltage support, flicker reduction, current spike reduction, harmonic filtration and many other applications for a variety of dynamic loads.



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